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My camping holiday

I don´t often sleep in a tent. I sleppt in a tent once and that was when I was fishing with my dad. We didn`t caught many fishes. We first try to catch some fish but we didn`t catch anything. Then we went to sleep and we woke up in the middle of the night and then we caught a big fish. I was lucky when I was at a birthday and we had some scissors and my friend Vito almost poked my eye out with them but thankfuly he missed. I like camping, beacuse you sleep outside and you can have a lot of fun. I remember when I got lost with my friends. We went in a big forrest. We got lost  and didn` knew the way home. But we were lucky and found the way home. --Vid Alač, 7.A

Film review: Troy

Troy is a drama and history movie, directed by Wolfgang Petersen in 2004. It is adapted from Homer’s great epic Iliad. It’s theme is a war between the Greeks and Troyns and love between trojan prince Paris and Greek princess Helen. The story is settled in 1250 B.C. during the late bronze age. It is happening in an ancient city Troy, which lies at the coast of Turkey. Fight begins after Paris takes Helen, the wife of the king’s brother Menelajus to Troy and marries her. Menelaus asks his brother to revenge Helen and 50.000 Greeks attack the Troy. To destroy the Troy, which has never been destroyed before, king Agamemnon calls the best fighter in the world, Achilles, to fight for him. He agrees because he wanted to become a legend. Leader of the Troy’s defence was Hector, oldest king Priam’s son. My favourite scene was Achilles fighting Hector 1v1. For me, best actors were Brad Pitt, playing Achilles, Orlando Bloom, playing Paris and Diane Kruger, playing Helen. They were truly amazin

My camping holidays

I don't go camping much but when I do I go with my family. The first time we went to the forest which turned out fine, but the second and last one we went to a rainforest! That must have been the most frightening thing I have experienced. Our tent got a hole the first day, already an hour after we arrived there! We had to use some tools from the first aid kit to fix it. My brother Niko and I went in the jungle alone without supervision; that must've been the most frustrating thing in my life. We found a couple of toucans and monkey which we took pictures of with our phones. It was very wet in there so we had to use some waterproof clothes and shoes. We didn't go far in but we did go in some dangerous areas where there were no paths, just to take some photos. We got stuck in a bush and tried to rush out. Immediately we had forgotten if we went right or left so we had to go one way or the other, which we walked on for about five minutes till we found a dead end. We had no

Film review: The Hobbit

The Hobbit: An unexpected journey is the first movie of the trilogy. The Hobbit is an adventure, family and fantasy film, directed by Peter Jackson. This film has been adapted from a book. The autor of all the trilogy's of The Hobbit and The lord of the rings is J.R.R. Tolkein. The Hobbit was made on  the13.12.2012. The film is set in the Middle-earth at an undeveloped time. This film is about how a normal hobbit, who goes by the name of Bilbo Baggins, is living normally in the Shire. One day a group of dwarves have come unexpectedlyto Bilbo's home and they had a feast. The main dwarve is Thorin Oakensheild, who has a goal to retake his homeland, the Lonely mountain , where lives the dragon Smaug. Bilbo unexpectedly goes with the group of dwarves on a quest to help retake the dwarves' homeland. My favourite character is Gollum a.k.a. Smeagle, because his acting is top-notch. The special effects are truly amazing. My favourite scene is when all the dwarves feasted in Bilbo&

Film review: The Darkest Minds

The darkest minds is the best action, adventure, sci-fi, romance, drama and thriller film ever. It was released in August 2018 and directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson. The theme of the film is fight against the sistem in the world. It is adapted from a book written by Alexandra Bracken, The darkest minds. it doesn't have the best rating on IMDb, but in my opinion, it?s the best movie ever. It is set on Earth in the future. The main character is Ruby Daly, starred by Amandla Stenberg. The adults are afraid of anyone under 18 years old, because they have special powers. The government puts those children in the camps and kills the most powerful ones. Ruby is one of them, but she pretends to be in the least powerful group. One night she breaks out of the camp with the help of the woman who works there. When she escapes. she meets a small group of people who also escaped the camps and together they are looking for a place where the children aren't in danger. Ruby joins them and with

TV show review: The Originals

My favourite TV series right now and probably ever is The originals. It's drama/horror/fantasy/sci-fi The vampire diaries spin-off series. It first aired on 3.10.2013 and the last episode came out on 1. august 2018. It also has it's own spin-off series called Legacies, which was renewed for it's second season last month.The main characters are Klaus, Elijah, Hayley, Freya, Hope and Camille. It's set in New Orleans and it's about the Mikaelsons siblings, also known as first vampires ever aka original vampires. They built their home city New Orleans and after their return they plan to take it back from Klaus's close friend Marcel. And of course there is a lot of (centuries) old family drama. But they all stick together to protect Klaus's daughter - Hope. The book The originals was written after the release of the TV series. As I said it was spun-off of The Vampire diaries and they were adapted from book. I really love this TV-series, I watched all 5 season

My May Holidays

In the holidays I travelled to Istra Plava Laguna. I went with my parents, beacuse my brother was in Turkey with his friends and schoolmates. I was in a four star hotel so it was very cool. They gad a basketball court so I played some basketball with my mom and dad. They had lots of interesting and cool activities there so it was very interesting there. They also had a weird tennis court, it was kind of round. When my brother was in Turkey he and his friend went in a Dubioza Kolektiv club but his friend lost his passport. Thankfuly they found it. On the way home they forgot one student so they had to turn around and pick him up. My holiday were for me the best so far. Vid Alač, 7.A

Traffic Jam

Dear Sir/Madam! I'm writing because I went to the shopping centre (BTC) and it took me half an hour! It usually takes me only ten minutes. The ˝trip˝was so long because of the traffic jam. And it didn't happen only yesterday. It happens all the time. I think there are possibly three reasons for this. firstly, there is way too much cars. Secondly, there aren't enough buses, but I think I know why is that: almost every person in town has his own car, because you can get somewhere faster with it and so nobody uses buses. And thirdly, not many people use bikes. I don't know why. In Murska Sobota we have good cycling lanes. I think you should write about this in a newspaper so more people will start to use buses and bikes. Maybe you should also write that we need another lane of road in the main roads. we should definitely do something about it, or everyone will be late for everything. So I think it would be very helpful if you would write about traffic jams in Murska Sob

Traffic jam

Dear Sir or Madam          I'm writing to you because I was in town and there was a traffic jam. And it's not the first time. It's pretty common. There were a lot of cars waiting there and I took this picture.         I think there are three reasons for this. There is too much traffic, there aren't enough buses and too little people use bikes. We could make a bypass and add an extra lane. For the second problem we could build a new bus station and make people aware that by travelling with car they produce a lot more greenhouse gasses than they do if they take the bus. We should also add a bicycle lane, because I think the main reason people don't use bikes is because it isn't safe.         We must do something about this situation. It would make our town a lot more attractive to the visitors and it would also make people in our town happier.


I'm superstitious about number 17, because I was born on the 17th of April. I believe it brings me good fortune. I also have a necklace that brings me luck. I am not superstitious about black cats and I don't believe in it. I have a fear of spiders, dark forests and other dark places. I am sometimes afraid of being home alone in the house and I think that I hear voices, but it's only my imagination. I think that I am a lucky person, because good things happen to me when I am not optimistic.