Preskoči na glavno vsebino


Prikaz objav, dodanih na maj, 2013

Weather and life in Slovenia

Weather in Slovenia is pretty cold in winter. Mostly of time its snowing and windy. The temperature goes up to 5°C. In summer its stormy and rainy. Its very hot, temerature doesn't fall below 20°C. The weather in England is almost the same as in Slovenia, but I think that it isn't raining so much there. In summer, people mostly wear shorts and T-shirt, in fact, light clothing. In winter we wear warm clothes and boots. Don't forget about the gloves. There are a lot of houses there. All of them has bedroom and bathroom. A lot of them has living room. They also have kitchen but not all of them has dining room. Some poeple eat in kitchen. If we compareour houses to England houses about the look like, English houses are usually small, tall and close to each other. We have some space between the houses. But in England there are also some loner houses. Those are big and look like a villa. Now the important part is the food. In England, their breakfast is big, but it isn