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Weather and life in Slovenia

Weather in Slovenia is pretty cold in winter. Mostly of time its snowing and windy. The temperature goes up to 5°C. In summer its stormy and rainy. Its very hot, temerature doesn't fall below 20°C. The weather in England is almost the same as in Slovenia, but I think that it isn't raining so much there. In summer, people mostly wear shorts and T-shirt, in fact, light clothing. In winter we wear warm clothes and boots. Don't forget about the gloves. There are a lot of houses there. All of them has bedroom and bathroom. A lot of them has living room. They also have kitchen but not all of them has dining room. Some poeple eat in kitchen. If we compareour houses to England houses about the look like, English houses are usually small, tall and close to each other. We have some space between the houses. But in England there are also some loner houses. Those are big and look like a villa. Now the important part is the food. In England, their breakfast is big, but it isn

Our environment

We hear a lot today about our polluted environment. We also have a lot of problems, like global warming, hurricanes, pollution, deforestation,… Over the last few years thousands of articles were written about it… Our EARTH is full of pollution and whose fault is that? OURS! We're destroying the only planet where we can live on. Ice caps are melting, animals and plants are becoming extinct, sea level is rising… The biggest reason for all of these listed problems is GLOBAL WARMING. We can't stop this and we also can't prevent natural disasters from happening. I'm trying to help so I always recycle, reduce and reuse. Last year, when I was buying my new bed, I gave my old one to some child who needed it. Together we can do more. We practically can't even live without cars anymore… I mean, who walks to school or work at this time? Nobody. We shouldn't drive with cars so often. We should prefer taking a bus, walking or even better, cycling. This would be so much bett

My terrible holidays

I remember my last year's holidays. It was in summer. I was home alone so I invited my friends to come over. We decided to go to the swimming pool. Then it suddenly started raining! Afterwards we wanted to make some popcorn but there wasn't any. Rain stopped and sun showed itself so we went out. One of us had the idea that we should go to our river Mura. "So it be," we said. We took our bicycles, but I had a flat tire so I had to walk. I thought it couldn't be worse but then it started raining again. I waited under the tree and yelled to others: "Wait!" They didn't hear me. It was getting dark. I turned back and went home. Next day, when my family came home, I remembered that we are going to Italy. I grabbed my luggage and ran to the car. When we arrived to the hotel, I wanted to put my things out of my suitcase, but it was completely empty. I forgot to pack my things at home! I jumped on bed and wanted to sleep, but our neighbors were so loud.

Recipe: Ham'n'eggs

HAM `N´ EGGS (For 4 people) Ingredients: 4 eggs 5 dag of ham oil Kitchen utensils: A pan, a plate, a fork, a beater, a bowl. Instructions: Break the eggs in the bowl. make sure that there is no shell. Mix the eggs. Put the ham in the pan , and then wait until the ham is roast. Now add the eggs in the pan. Wait a little time and your ham`n´eggs is DONE. Put the eggs on a plate and enjoy your meal. Bon appetit! :) Lara Števančec, Tjaša Malok & Nina Krpič

My day

My day I get up at quarter to seven. I dress up. At seven o'clock I have breakfast. Then I brush my teeth and put on my jacket. At twenty past seven I go to school with my brother and sister. We take the bus. Lessons start at eight o'clock. We finish school at half past twelve or quarter past one. I do my homework. I don't play tennis or basketball, but I go to dance class. I have dinner at half past seven. I have a shower at quarter to eight. I go to bed at nine o'clock. I read a book then I go to sleep. Katarina Bunderla, 6. B My Monday First I get up, then I go to the bathroom and wash my teeth. Then I go to my room, in my room I get dressed and go to the dining room. I go to the bus stop at 7:15. I wait the bus for 15 minutes. When the bus comes I sit down and go to school. On Monday have we Nature, Physical Education, Art, Math and Slovene. When I finish school, I go to the bus stop. At the bus stop I wait the bus with my friends. When the bus comes I si

A Valentine's day love story: Sea-storm

A Valentine's day love story: Sea-storm Many, many years ago, there was a hobbit living in the north forest. He was in love with Siren. They were a very nice couple, but one day, there was a big sea-storm headed that way. Hobbit built her a big house. He thought that house is strong enough for incoming storm, but he was very wrong. The house was broken in few seconds. Hobbit searched everywhere for her. He thought that Siren is dead. He was crying all week. One day, he saw her on TV, she was in a TV show called I shouldn't be alive . He decided to go after her. Weeks and weeks passed by... He was still searching for her. Just before he decided to stop, he saw her, but, she was with 3 children and a man. She had legs, she wasn't a siren anymore. He was so sad that he moved back into the forest. When she heard that, she was angry at herself. She felt guilty. Blaž Radonjič (9. C) & Patrik Ziško (9. A)

My Summer Holidays

On my last holidays, we went to Partorož to hotel Barbara. We traveled by car. We had to get up early at eight o'clock. Me and my dad packed the suitcases and we strarted the journey. We had to stop, so my mom and dad could get coffee. When we arrived, we went to our Hotel Room. We got ready and then we went to the pool. Me and my dad went to swim in the sea but my mom didn't want to. The dinner was at eight o'clock so we left the pool either at six or at seven o'clock. We walked to another hotel,because the dinner was there. When we finished the dinner,we went to take a walk. We visit some stores and we got ice cream. We went to bed late at about eleven o'clock. The last day, we packed suitcases and left the beach earlier. We drove to a restaurant where we ate. On our way home, we stopped for toilet and we came home at midnight I think. Oh before we left, I also bought some jewerly for me and my friends! I loved my holidays! Nika Erjavec, 7.b Fo

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Želje za novo leto 2013

Moje želje za novo leto 2013 Za novo leto si ne želim nič posebnega. Sebi, moji družini in prijateljem, želim veliko zdravja, sreče, ljubezni, radosti... Želim si tudi, da se bodo na svetu končale vojne, lakota, protesti... zaradi česa se žrtvujejo ljudje. To so bile moje želje za novo leto 2013. Te dneve prejemate mnoga voščina: ena so romantična, druga bolj izvirna, ena uradna ali suhoparna... Naj vam bo letos to voščilo nasvet: imejte se radi, bodite srečni, hitite počasi, ljubite želje... Praznujte! Nina Krpič, 7.C  Božič lep praznik je, ob njem vsi zabavamo se. Darila vsi komaj čakamo in na božično jutro jih vsi dobimo. Tudi novo leto dočakamo, prvi in drugi januar odideta, 3. in 4. prideta. V šolo spet moramo, praznikov je konec, komaj čakamo, da februar pride, da spet počitnice bodo. Enja Zobarič, 7.A Za prihajajočo leto želim, da bo mirno, brez katastrof in srečno. V šoli hočem biti uspešen ter na treningu ostati tak, kakršen sem. Komaj čakam, da bom vid