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A Valentine's day love story: Sea-storm

A Valentine's day love story: Sea-storm Many, many years ago, there was a hobbit living in the north forest. He was in love with Siren. They were a very nice couple, but one day, there was a big sea-storm headed that way. Hobbit built her a big house. He thought that house is strong enough for incoming storm, but he was very wrong. The house was broken in few seconds. Hobbit searched everywhere for her. He thought that Siren is dead. He was crying all week. One day, he saw her on TV, she was in a TV show called I shouldn't be alive . He decided to go after her. Weeks and weeks passed by... He was still searching for her. Just before he decided to stop, he saw her, but, she was with 3 children and a man. She had legs, she wasn't a siren anymore. He was so sad that he moved back into the forest. When she heard that, she was angry at herself. She felt guilty. Blaž Radonjič (9. C) & Patrik Ziško (9. A)