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My ideal home


Here we are in my ideal home. It's a modern house in the village. It doesn’t have a roof, because it’s got a flat roof! It has also got a big garden. Inside the house, there is a big kitchen and a dining room. Next to them, there is an enormous living room. It’s got everything, such as a TV, a sofa, a coffee table and a rug. A few steps away, there is a bathroom. It’s got a toilet, a shower, a sink and a big mirror. If you go upstairs, there are three bedrooms, each with bathrooms. Every bathroom has got a bath and a toilet. In my room, I’ve got a balcony with an amazing view of a forest and a lake.
Today we are all at home. My mom is taking a bath in the bathroom, my dad is in the living room. He’s watching something on the TV. I’m in my bedroom, but I’m going to the balcony, because I relax when I’m there.
My favourite room is my bedroom. It’s got a big bed, a big sofa and just a bit smaller desk. In the corner of the room I’ve got a wardrobe and next to the wardrobe I’ve got some cupboards. All around the bed I have big plants, just like in the tropical forest. I like being in my room, because it’s very relaxing.   
Zara Bertalanič, 8.c

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Katarina Bunderla, 6. B
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