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My day

My day I get up at six o'clock. Then I dress up. Sometimes I have breakfast at home. At half past eight I go to school with my brother. At eight o'clock lessons start. I have lunch at school at half past one. Then I go home. From two to three I do my homework. Then I study. At six o'clock I have dinner and then I take a shower. I go to bed at eight o'clock. From eight o'clock to ten o'clock I watch TV and read the book.

Melisa Časar, 6.c
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A day to remember

I remember my birthday 2 years and half ago. Well, I don't remember which day it was, because it was in summer holidays. It was sunny and hot. It was very nice day.
First, my three BFFs came to our house and gave me presents. At about half past three in the afternoon, my mom drove us to Vulkanija. We were there for about an hour and a half, and there we saw lots of things from history and about volcanoes. Then we went to our house in Veščica and there we ate dinner. My mom made us sandwiches and they were very tasty. after dinner we went to bathroom and took a shower. It was at about eight o'clock.At half past eight in the evening we watched TV and at about ten o'clock we went to bed. But we didn't sleep until one o'clock in the morning. We talked a lot and we were quite noisy so y parents and sister couldn't sleep. On the next day, when we woke up...

My first day at school

I remember my first day of school. It was 8 years ago on 1st september. It was thursday and it was a really special day for me.

First me and my parents went to school. A lots of people were there: a lot of parents, students, and teachers. Then ptincipal had a speech. She talked for a long time and I don't remember what she was saying. I really hoped that I would be in the same class as my best friend but I wasn't that lucky. After that we went to our classes and we met our teachers. I really liked my teacher, because she was so nice. After that we went home.

There was at least hundred people and I remember my friend clearly because we were playing together before we went to our classes.

My ideal home

My ideal home is on Hawaii. It is a big villa with everything. It is very modern and it has got lost of glass. It has got a flat roof. In my house there are lots of rooms. There are three bedrooms, in each one is a balcony. It has also got a kitchen and a huge bathroom. Outside there is a swimming pool and you can also swim in the sea. You can see a sea from the living room. My house has got three floors, in the first floor there are rooms that I use every day, in the second floor is a pool and in third floor are some shops with mobile phones and all the other things.
at tha moment, there are three people in my house. they are my dad, who is watching TV, then it is me and my BFF Živa. we are lying on my bed and trying to get some idesa to create things.
my favourite room in house is my bedroom or swimming pool in the second floor becauseI like swimming and in my bedroom I have all the things I need. those things are a mobile phone, a  charger, an MP3 player and my BFF.
Taja Hraščanec

The next millennium

The topic of the survey is the next millennium survey. A group of 23 people did the survey and in general they were positive about the future. These are the results.
The first question was if they think the world will be a better place in the future. Some people thinkthat the world will be a better place in the future because humans will live on other planets and we will find new ways to make it better. some people think that there will be a citizen war.  The second question was if humans will become more intelligent. More than half think that humans will become more intelligent because thwy will have more information, better technology... Some people don't think that because they will use more social media. 
Most of people think people will be meaner because of social medias and wars, but positive think they will be more friendly because we will become more inteligent. Most of people who did the survey think there will be a technology so good and we will travel to space a lot. L…

The next millennium

The topic of the report is "THE NEXT MILLENNIUM". A group of 23 people did the survey and they are positive about the future. Some of them think the world will be a better place in the future because we will become more intelligent or we won't have as many problems.
Most of the participants think that people in the future will be meaner because of social media, wars or they simply won't care for anyone except themselves.
The next question was about space travel and most of the participants said that it would be normal because we will have better tech and because most if not all of people will have enough of money or some other resources.
More than a half of people think that people will live on other planets because technology will be so smart or the Earth is already overpopulated and we already found planets to live there.
More than half of people think they will travel into space if they have the opportunity becase this is special, because they always wanted to go …