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My terrible holidays

I remember my last year's holidays. It was in summer. I was home alone so I invited my friends to come over. We decided to go to the swimming pool. Then it suddenly started raining! Afterwards we wanted to make some popcorn but there wasn't any. Rain stopped and sun showed itself so we went out. One of us had the idea that we should go to our river Mura. "So it be," we said. We took our bicycles, but I had a flat tire so I had to walk. I thought it couldn't be worse but then it started raining again. I waited under the tree and yelled to others: "Wait!" They didn't hear me. It was getting dark. I turned back and went home.
Next day, when my family came home, I remembered that we are going to Italy. I grabbed my luggage and ran to the car.
When we arrived to the hotel, I wanted to put my things out of my suitcase, but it was completely empty. I forgot to pack my things at home! I jumped on bed and wanted to sleep, but our neighbors were so loud. I put a pillow on my head. My mom bought some things for me.
Despite my adventure at home, I had fun in Italy. I really liked it there.
Maja Klepec, 7.B 

My terrible holiday: The Joker

It happened on Death Club Island. I went camping with my girlfriend and with some other friends. When it was getting dark, we put up tents. We had food for one month, but our intentions were to stay for 12 days, but it came to a little change of plans, we actually stayed there for 3 weeks. I'm going to describe our last day.
We were sleeping in the tents and we heard some noise, we saw a man with a knife and a Joker mask. We ran inside the forest. When we looked back 2 guys were chasing us, one had a friday the 13th mask and one had a Scream mask. We were running and we finally saw a city near so we went there. Turns out the city was called Hecarim. We managed to find a friend there, his name was Shaco. He helped us get off the island. He had a friend who had a helicopter, but Shaco didn't want to go with us so we convinced him to come, but he said: "Only on one condition. My family needs to come with me." We said OK and we started to fly! We were flying to Murska Sobota, but we found out the that the guy with the Joker mask was on the helicopter so we put it on fire and we jumped into the sea near Portorož. The helicopter exploded and we all landed in Murska Sobota back at home, Shaco became my half brother and his parents died when we jumped into the sea. 10 years later we found out that the guy with the Joker mask was killed in a gun shot.
Žiga Sapač, 7.A

My adventurous holiday

It was summer and me and my family went on a cruise. We were in Sardinia, Ibiza, Mallorca, Rome and Marseille. The most adventurous place was Mallorca. When we arrived at the port with the ship, we took a bus. The sun was shining and it was very hot. When the bus stopped, we could go around the state and did what we wanted. Me and my family went to the beach. Then we were thirsty and went to a bar and drank cocktails. They were yummy! But the time was running out and we didn't know where we are. We walked around and didn't know where's the bus station. We were lost. Then we panicked. We asked a lot of people about the bus, but they were all tourists. At the same time we saw a bus. We ran to catch it. And yes!, it was the right bus! We were all happy and healthy on the bus. It was an adventurous holiday.
Nina Krpič, 7.C

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