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My ideal home

My ideal home is on Hawaii. It is a big villa with everything. It is very modern and it has got lost of glass. It has got a flat roof. In my house there are lots of rooms. There are three bedrooms, in each one is a balcony. It has also got a kitchen and a huge bathroom. Outside there is a swimming pool and you can also swim in the sea. You can see a sea from the living room. My house has got three floors, in the first floor there are rooms that I use every day, in the second floor is a pool and in third floor are some shops with mobile phones and all the other things.
at tha moment, there are three people in my house. they are my dad, who is watching TV, then it is me and my BFF Živa. we are lying on my bed and trying to get some idesa to create things.
my favourite room in house is my bedroom or swimming pool in the second floor becauseI like swimming and in my bedroom I have all the things I need. those things are a mobile phone, a  charger, an MP3 player and my BFF.
Taja Hraščanec

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My terrible holidays

I remember my last year's holidays. It was in summer. I was home alone so I invited my friends to come over. We decided to go to the swimming pool. Then it suddenly started raining! Afterwards we wanted to make some popcorn but there wasn't any. Rain stopped and sun showed itself so we went out. One of us had the idea that we should go to our river Mura. "So it be," we said. We took our bicycles, but I had a flat tire so I had to walk. I thought it couldn't be worse but then it started raining again. I waited under the tree and yelled to others: "Wait!" They didn't hear me. It was getting dark. I turned back and went home. Next day, when my family came home, I remembered that we are going to Italy. I grabbed my luggage and ran to the car. When we arrived to the hotel, I wanted to put my things out of my suitcase, but it was completely empty. I forgot to pack my things at home! I jumped on bed and wanted to sleep, but our neighbors were so loud. I p…

Likovne pesmi (8. razred)

Želje za novo leto 2013

Moje želje za novo leto 2013 Za novo leto si ne želim nič posebnega. Sebi, moji družini in prijateljem, želim veliko zdravja, sreče, ljubezni, radosti... Želim si tudi, da se bodo na svetu končale vojne, lakota, protesti... zaradi česa se žrtvujejo ljudje.
To so bile moje želje za novo leto 2013.

Te dneve prejemate mnoga voščina: ena so romantična, druga bolj izvirna, ena uradna ali suhoparna... Naj vam bo letos to voščilo nasvet: imejte se radi, bodite srečni, hitite počasi, ljubite želje... Praznujte!
Nina Krpič, 7.C

 Božič lep praznik je,
ob njem vsi zabavamo se.
Darila vsi komaj čakamo
in na božično jutro jih vsi dobimo.
Tudi novo leto dočakamo,
prvi in drugi januar odideta,
3. in 4. prideta.
V šolo spet moramo,
praznikov je konec,
komaj čakamo, da februar pride,
da spet počitnice bodo.
Enja Zobarič, 7.A

Za prihajajočo leto želim, da bo mirno, brez katastrof in srečno. V šoli hočem biti uspešen ter na treningu ostati tak, kakršen sem. Komaj čakam, da bom videl na nebu ognjemet. …