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On the internet

Young people spend too much time using the internet. They don’t know how to use this technology wisely. They should have other hobbies, like sport or music, instead. -- Anonymous

By Blaž Küplen

I use the internet quite a lot (counting computer and phone time connected to the net). I play online games, watch videos, movies, chat with friends,... However I don't use it for more than 2 hours in one go. I occasionally check my phone for notification, and i reply if needed after that i put my phone down. I repeat that multiple times.
I would say, and this is just my personal opinion, I don't use the internet as much as my friends. I spend less time on the internet than most of them.Some of them keep their phones awake while they wait for notifications and they play online games, visit social media sites etc. Although if I'm a bit more self critical must say that T use a bit of an over average amount of the internet. 
"Young people spend too much time using the internet. They don't know how to use this technology wisely. They should have other hobbies, like sport or music, instead."; Regarding this statement, I think and believe that it isn't exactly true and most of "young people" would agree with me. I'm furious because  I'm tired of all these false stereotypes. Not all young people spend that much time online. The majority of the people i know all have other hobbies and train sports, including me, and we aren't dumb. So stop saying we are spoiled, that we spend too much time on the internet and that we don't  have other hobbies. Sure like everywhere there are some individuals who go to extremes.
We all know that if we use the internet incorrectly it can lead to serious problems like getting a virus, getting our accounts hacked by a hacker, get our information stolen and potentially lose money because of our careless actions. We must be careful and wise about our decisions and behaviour regarding the internet. it can entertain us, and also destroy us if used incorrectly.

By Aleks Petrovič (Year 9)

I usually spend 3-4 hours per day on a computer .Most of the time I play games that are not online but I also watch videos and do researches for school if I have to .I like chatting with my friends however since my computer doesn't have a graphics card it's not that good at video quality,volume and resolution .Although i spend a lot of time on my computer,it's not always about games,usually watch videos and downloaded .
   I don't know a lot of friends that have computers but those how have they spent more time on the internet  and online games than me .They spend about 5-6 hours min. per day but they but they also spend a lot of time on there phones,mostly taking pictures,watching videos,posting online videos however I don't spend a lot of time on my phone because I don't really trust online webpages in other languages .
   I agree with the comment,to much young people spend there time on the internet .I think that they should discover other hobbies that don't involve technology .because if your not careful on the internet,you can get hacked by a hacker,you can get exposed over the internet because you weren't careful.

By Ana Stajnko (Year 9)

I use internet about one hour a day. I usually use it for chatting with my friends or to watch Pretty little liars. I have my personal computer and also a smartphone, so I can use internet whenever I want. I'm not obsessed with it, but most people are. 
  If I compare my obsession with internet with my friends , I can tell I'm way less obsessed than them. It seems like they can't be without the internet for more than one hour. My opinion about that is that they need help, because being obsessed with anything isn't healthy.
  People in the 21st century don't use internet wisely. They upload pictures of themselves which should not be online. Sometimes they even write stupid or mean comments. I think they should start to be more active in sport. But I also think that we should start using internet for more useful things like studying. Bad things can also happen if you don't know how to use internet safely. People can make fun of you , what can bring some people to start being obsessed with drugs because they are to stressed. In my opinion internet is bad and people obsessed with it need help.

By Nina Vink (Year 9)

I use internet twice a day so in the morning & the afternoon. I usually use it for school or YouTube. I think I don't use internet too much because I spend my free time playing field hockey or drawing. But I still think I could be less on the internet because I sometimes don't know what's going on around me like in my family or in village where I live.
   My friend and I watch YouTube like mostly of our time online. We watch different videos like DIY, vlogging or comedy and they're from famous ones. But even if we use our free time online I still think none of us is an internet addict or at least not yet. Even though the internet is part of our lives we still hang out in real life a lot.
   I mean I agree with the comment, but there are school, friends, hobbies that put kind of pressure on us because if you need information about subject, animal or practically anything because it's online. And there are friends we can meet some online and some we need texting/calls for different things. On the other hand there are still a lot of people without hobbies so I kind of agree with comment.

By Maja Kovač (Year 9)

I use the internet every day for about one hour at a time. I mostly use it to chat with friends or I spend my time on Facebook. I also use it for school sometimes. However I usually turn all electronic devices off at about 9 p.m. and after that I read a book or study.
   Even though I'm on the internet almost whole day, that's nothing compared to my friend. He's one year older than me and he plays online games with my brother. However he still somehow gets good grades. He goes to the computer as soon as he gets home from school. Him and my brother play CS:GO. They've taught me how to play it too but I don't really play it a lot.
   I think people do spend a lot of time on the internet but a lot of them play sports and have other hobbies. I agree that they don't know how to use the intenet wisely but me, my family and most of my friends know what to do if you receive a weird email. We only order things online, if you can pay for it when you receive it.
   On the internet there are many traps, like if you open a weird email attachment you can download viruses. There are a lots of apps that don't let hackers break into your computer like firewall. There's also a spam-filter. It deletes unwanted emails. You can get anti-virus software. It removes viruses.
My advice is, don't give your personal information everywhere and use the internet wisely.

By Nika Horvat (Year 9)

I spend most of my time on the internet. I spend about 3-4 hours on the internet. I don't think that is good for me but it makes me keep up with all the stuff that is going on. I mostly use it to chat with my friends or just watch funny or life-style videos on YouTube. I feel like me and my friends spend about the same amount of time on the internet although we go to school and we have stuf to learn.
   My personal opinion on that is that we spend too much time on the internet and a lot of people have this image that they feel they constantly have to keep up with and I think that that is the main reason that people have changed in the pass few years.
   There are also traps on the internet (like the dark web type of thing). There are hackers that want to steal your personal information or money that is why we need to protect our devices. Some people use internet incorrectly they for example they post inappropriate pictures of themselves their personal information.

Like keep that to yourself.

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