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The next millennium

The topic of the report is "THE NEXT MILLENNIUM". A group of 23 people did the survey and they are positive about the future. Some of them think the world will be a better place in the future because we will become more intelligent or we won't have as many problems.
Most of the participants think that people in the future will be meaner because of social media, wars or they simply won't care for anyone except themselves.
The next question was about space travel and most of the participants said that it would be normal because we will have better tech and because most if not all of people will have enough of money or some other resources.
More than a half of people think that people will live on other planets because technology will be so smart or the Earth is already overpopulated and we already found planets to live there.
More than half of people think they will travel into space if they have the opportunity becase this is special, because they always wanted to go there or it's beautiful or they wanted to see planets in space.
Matjaž, Franc, Žan: 8.a

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