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Greetings from Munich!

Hi Ted!

Greetings from Munich!

It's great. We went on Monday morning and arrived in 5 hours. It was a long ride, but I listened to music, just to kill time. When we arrived, we went to the hotel. The second morning we went to a gallery and a museum. It was very educational and interesting. The paintings were awesome. In the evening we went to the old part of Munich. We saw a big wall with graffiti. There was an old cafe with the piano and a boy was playing it. It was beautiful. The next day we went to the stores with clothes, shoes and books. I got a sweater and a pair of jeans. I got a book too. The name of the book is Looking for Alaska. Thursday was the best, because me and my mum went to a concert. My dad didn't go, because he doesn't like concerts. There was a big crowd and a lot of people, because the concert was in an arena. We were singing along with the singer and he had a loop station, with which he made five or six choures singing togheter. He played the guitar too. He was totally awesome. The concert was really, really long, it lasted for almost three hours. I was very tired after it, but my mum didn't give up on her idea, so we had a drink at some bar. It was really nice- it had neon lights and black walls. After thet we went back to the hotel. On Friday we wrote some postcards and ate in a fancy restaurant. I ate tortelini with four sorts of cheese. It was yummy! On Saturday and Sunday we went to the swimming pool. They had a lot of pools and different fun stuff. I was very tired when we got home so I slept over the whole evening. But then I just woke up and couldn't sleep anymore. I looked out of the window. The nightlife in Munich is very cheerful. There was a lot of people in the streets. They were realy drunk- they could barely stand. When the people on the street became boring, I read a book I boughtin the bookshop. It was really sad. On Monday we could go wherever we wanted. I went to the CD shop and searched for some albums I liked. I found The Doors album and an Ed Sheeran EP Want some. I bought them. After that I went to H&M and bought myself a pair of jeans. Then I went to see a Greek church which was beautiful. i went to some pizzeria and ate a delicious pizza. Then I went to the library even though I don't speak german and found found the english part of it. I found some interesting books about vampires, but I didn't realy want to read, so I just wrote down the title. I went to the underground station and rode to the side of Munich where there were shops. I went to Target and saw that my parents were there, so I ran to them and we bought some things there and then went to Starbucks.i choose a milk shake and then we went back to our hotel. We were there for another three days. In these three days we went to a piano concert and to some galleries.

Hope you're OK.

See you! Pia Zala Meden

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