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Our environment

We hear a lot today about our polluted environment. We also have a lot of problems, like global warming, hurricanes, pollution, deforestation,… Over the last few years thousands of articles were written about it… Our EARTH is full of pollution and whose fault is that? OURS! We're destroying the only planet where we can live on. Ice caps are melting, animals and plants are becoming extinct, sea level is rising… The biggest reason for all of these listed problems is GLOBAL WARMING. We can't stop this and we also can't prevent natural disasters from happening. I'm trying to help so I always recycle, reduce and reuse. Last year, when I was buying my new bed, I gave my old one to some child who needed it. Together we can do more. We practically can't even live without cars anymore… I mean, who walks to school or work at this time? Nobody. We shouldn't drive with cars so often. We should prefer taking a bus, walking or even better, cycling. This would be so much better for our planet. There would be less global warming, so there would be more ice caps and more animals who would be alive. Just think about it. We just need to do it together, because together we can SAVE THE PLANET. If we won't do it now, someday we'll regret this decision, but then it will be too late, because our planet will be destroyed. Our Earth is in our arms. I'm sure that the world is going to end someday. We can't stop the end, but we can prevent that this will happen too early.
Tajda Gaal, 9.A

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I remember my last year's holidays. It was in summer. I was home alone so I invited my friends to come over. We decided to go to the swimming pool. Then it suddenly started raining! Afterwards we wanted to make some popcorn but there wasn't any. Rain stopped and sun showed itself so we went out. One of us had the idea that we should go to our river Mura. "So it be," we said. We took our bicycles, but I had a flat tire so I had to walk. I thought it couldn't be worse but then it started raining again. I waited under the tree and yelled to others: "Wait!" They didn't hear me. It was getting dark. I turned back and went home. Next day, when my family came home, I remembered that we are going to Italy. I grabbed my luggage and ran to the car. When we arrived to the hotel, I wanted to put my things out of my suitcase, but it was completely empty. I forgot to pack my things at home! I jumped on bed and wanted to sleep, but our neighbors were so loud. I p…

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Katarina Bunderla, 6. B
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